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by : rachmat Mulyo

Boat is a ship with a smaller size and have a simple construction, moving above the water surface using a paddle, sail, or motor.

row-boatPropulsion System
When viewed from the drive system, boat categorized into three parts, namely : Traditional boat, Sail boat, and Motor Boat
Traditional Boat : Boat that use paddle propulsion as canoe , kanu, kayak and so on.
Boat with sail as propulsion (sail) called sailboat (sail boat)
Boat with motor drive called motorboat (motor boat).

sail-boatOf the three types that have more functions are the motor boats.
Therefore, the motor boat undergone many changes and rapid progress to date.

Motor boat
Motor boat having many propulsion systems as : screws propeller (tenaga baling, baling), water jet (water jets), hydro foil (lift) hovercraft dan air fan.

There is 3 mounting type motor on a boat, yaitu outboard motor, inboard motors and inboard-outboard combination.
Outboard boat motor that has length no more than 15 m, while generally the inboard motor boat most having a length of more than 8 m. For boatm under 15m length, better use of outboard motors because more economic and efficient.

There are a variety of materials that can be used to build a boat, namely : wood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum. Material selection is usually based on the function of the boat, but the cost factor often be a major factor.

Material of wood is generally used for fishing boat (fishing boat) and sailboats.

Material fiberglass and aluminum is most used in high speed boat that has such patrol boat, cruising boat, custom boat and so on.

The steel material commonly used for Tug boat and Towing boat.

At this time the existence of a fiberglass boat began limited production as it relates to the pollution problem , and in some countries the fiberglass material has been replaced with aluminum.

Boats made up of hull (hull), hull cover (maindeck) and deckhouse (deckhouse) . Hull reinforced with transverse reinforcement or frames and longitudinal reinforcement or girder. Bulkhead separating the boat into the main compartment, and room divider (partision).


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