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By : Rachmat Mulyo

Recreational boating is part of a very pleasant beach, There are many activities that you can try to spend time with family, close friend or relative working. Today more and more people fill their holiday with boating activity.



Boating can make a solution when all this was less so close to your family because you are time-consuming activities. By bringing the family to the beach, than water skiing, Boating down the beach to enjoy the view, or spend the day together on the water with a banana boat, is the right solution to get back to the warmth of your family.

Boating, Some people make it a hobby, but this is an expensive hobby for those who do not have a motorboat or sail boat, due to rent a motorboat is very expensive. But it could not hurt to try this beach recreation at least once in life, perhaps at the special like a valentine day or semisalnya.

If you just want boating around the coast, we met a lot of motor boat or sail boat rented collectively. However, if you want to plan a special event for boating with friends and family, you can find a tenant service providers boat via internet.

banana boat

banana boat

If you want to do with boating activities cruising distance far enough to use motorboat, should note a few things related to boating, because this is very important, do not let the excitement turned to disappointment that so traumatized and will never make boating lifelong activities.

The few things that must be considered is:

  • How to operate a boat with a properly.
  • Mastering about signs signs.
  • Knowing the rules that apply to boating.
  • Check carefully boat we will use, especially fuel conditions
  • Check the route will we take, so that we know where we will refuel
  • Safety equipment must be installed, such as fire extinguishers, smoke signal, life jackets and the like.
  • Ensure sufficient number of life jackets for everyone plus 2 set as a backup.
  • VHF radio should function correctly.
  • Make sure the navigation works fine.
  • Not drinking "alcoholic beverages" and should not smoke if you are using this type of boat fuel premium, such as outboard engine 4 so
  • Attach the flag, and flag signals.
  • Report to the harbormaster's office first.
  • And that terpeting of it all is really in a boat unseaworthy condition.
  • Can solve the problem when there is a mechanical problem.
  • When using inboard engines should there be a dive, to clean garbage attached to the propeller. This sometimes happens because of the condition of our beaches are still a lot of garbage.


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