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By : rachmat Mulyo

jet rescue boat

jet rescue boat

Jet Boats by some to be a racing car in water, because jet boats have a high speed. With the high speeds of course have the higher the security risk, therefore must know the correct way of operation and must know in detail the advantages and disadvantages boat itself.

Jet Boats is a propeller-driven boats called internal impeller. Air was sucked through the hole inlets bottom boat, impeller then firmly push the water out through nozzles on the back of boat, until the boat can move forward.

With the impeller is made jet boats have a quick response to braking and spin 360 degrees without difficulty with a radius almost does not exceed the length of the boat itself. And with this also allows the impeller Jet Boats can operate in shallow waters such as rivers and beaches.

whirpool jet boat

whirpool jet boat

Jet Boats are available in different sizes and have a unique and interesting as needed and use. Jet Boats widely used as water sports activities, for attractions in the water and for rescue activities. Type of jet boats are often found today among others: Rescue Boat, Racing Boat, Scooter Boat atau personal water craft.

Jet Boats Tours.

Basically the jet boats are not different from the other boats, the only difference is the system propulsinya, but due to the advantages of this propulsion system, bear some kind of boats are designed specifically for the purposes of the attractions in the water until it is very popular. Because of its popularity the type of boat is identical to the Jet boat.

The most interesting attractions is owned jet boats when braking at high speed coupled with spin. This attraction is very thrilling and spur andrenalin thus providing a very wonderful experience for users jet boats.

oregon jet boat

oregon jet boat

In some countries such as the United, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even Singapore to hold this event in some places their tourism. This event is packaged in a travel package, and named Jet Boats Tours or the like with a duration ranging from 30 to 80 minute.

New Zealand – Offering an exciting adventure for 30 minutes from Lake Taupo to explore along the river Waikota, near the cliff and slid away from the trees and feel the attraction andrenalin spin 360?. With a minimum spend USD 47.8 per person is ideal to get the full experience of this exciting.

Canada – This is an extreme adventure in the famous Niagara river is very wild, and is the best of all choices jet boat tours. Package offers wet jet and jet dome approximately USD 52 for one person, cheap enough for the people of Indonesia are able to travel to Canada.

sidney jet boat

sidney jet boat

Oregon, USA – Enjoy the wild ride and wet for 4 at a distance 80 mile at the Rouge river while enjoying the stunning natural scenery. Cost USD 61 per person for one-way is not worth the adventure that we will get.

Australia – Package trips for fun and medebarkan 50 minutes using a jet boat at speeds 75 km / h along the harbor sydney, passed under the bridge sydney harbor past the Opera House and the Australian Navy Fleet, dilanjutakan with full speed jet boat attraction and pounding sudden braking and spin 270?. To enjoy this facility it would cost USD 68.75 per person.

Singapore – Offer similar things in sydney while enjoying fantastic views of Marina Bay in Singapore. Cost SD 45 individual persons are very cheap compared to the others.

Jet Sky

Jet Sky

In Indonesia, we can not enjoy a thrilling adventure with jet boats, and for the future we can not expect much, although the state of Indonesia known as a maritime nation. But you can still feel the driving jet boats in the water with the general or personal water jet that can be encountered in some coastal attractions in Indonesia. Usually rental rates range from Rp personal waterjet. 50.000,- to $. 175.000,- per 15 minute. While Jet boat ranges between Rp. 500.000,- to 1.250.000,- per 30 mforte and per 1 jam.

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