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by : rachmat Mulyo


Bass-BoatBass boat is a boat designed primarily for bass fishing, having a shorter hull of boat in general and moving surface of the water by using a motorcycle.

In general bass boat has a length of no more than 7 meter, and used as a means of fishing in freshwater like rivers and lakes. The motor used is a type of outboard motors (outboard engines) atau trolling motor, As for the materials used to build a bass boat is aluminum or fiberglass, because both materials are relatively mild.

bass-boats-raceCompared to other countries bass boat is very popular in the United, because the bass population in the country is very much, whether it's in the river or on the lake. Because that's kepopulernya, in this country often held bass fishing contest with a very tempting prize .

Currently, the development of the bass boat has a very rapid progress, used as a means other than fishing, bass boat is also used as a means of water or recreational water sports such as water sky, even some of the manufacturers to improve the performance bass boat bass boat for racing events

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