pontoon boat


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By : rachmat Mulyo
pontoon boat

pontoon boat

Pontoon boat is a vessel that is supported by one or more tool shaped like a box floating, cylinder or tube made of steel, aluminum or fiberglass with a flat shaped deck, and moving above the water surface using a motorcycle.

Popular pontoon boat pontoon boat is currently supported by two or three floating means (multi hull) the form of a cylindrical tube made of aluminum. Flat deck that connects multiple devices floating (pontoon) It is made of several layers of marine plywood, aluminum plate or fiberglass plate. Pontoon boat length ranged from 12 feet hingga 30 feet and can carry between 4 to 15 person, diameter tube is used between 8 inch hingga 27 inch, As for the type of motor used sterndrive and outboard motors with a power range from 10hp to 250 hp.

pontoon boat 3 tube

pontoon boat 3 tube

Pontoon boat is very light and has a simple construction, up very easily in the process and in a relatively fast tempo and have a relatively cheap price.

Type of multi-hull pontoon boat to make it has good stability in static and dynamic conditions and is very comfortable and has a draft of a pontoon boat smaller so it can be operated in shallow waters. Pontoon boat is designed more for the comfort of users, therefore ideal pontoon boat operated in calm waters such as rivers, bay or lake.

Pontoon boats come in various sizes with an open deck equipped with a railing and some equipment that offers comfort to relax with family or close friends in the course on the river or lake while enjoying the open air above the water, and a water recreation facilities are fantastic for diving, sunbathing and fishing. At the time of berthing pontoon boat very idealized to be a place of gathering or a small party with friends or enjoy a romantic atmosphere with your partner in the evening. Overview pontoon boat is a living room or lounge that is open and extra comfort floating on water.

pontoon boat sterndrive

pontoon boat sterndrive

If you just need a pontoon boat for comfort and do not need a high speed, you can choose a pontoon boat supported by two tubes with a relatively small engine power, but if you need for the speed for activities such as wakeboarding then the option is there on the pontoon boat powered by three tubes with greater engine power.

However, if possible you should choose pontoon boat with three tubes in addition to more convenient and faster you can get a more complete entertainment and optimize pontoon boat for various water recreational activities.

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2 Responses to PONTOON BOAT

  • admin says:

    Pontoon untuk mancing di sungai bahan dari kayu dengan panjang 6 meter saya rasa sangat ideal dan nyaman, masalah harga relatif. Saran saya lambung bisa menggunakan WBP yang kemudian bagian luar dilapisi FRP, Ini akan relatif murah dan efisien apabila menggunakan mesin tempel 2x20hp

  • nixon says:

    ponton untuk emancing di sungai, kapasitas sekitar 6 orang yang idealnya gimana..?
    Dan berapa kisaran harganya?
    Kalau dibuat dari kayu ( spt 2 perahu yg digabungkan ) kira2 berapa ukuran standart nya?

    Terimakasih – Nick///

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